GRC ISS Payload Operations Center

Welcome to the Glenn ISS Payload Operations Center web portal. The GIPOC is a facility that provides around-the-clock operations support for GRC resident/supported microgravity experiments, allowing payload developers to monitor and perform their science experiments and distribute payload information to their remote science community. The GIPOC provides assigned payload services to the International Space Station (ISS) program, Artemis program, and other programs as required.

Glenn has played a major role in conducting ISS space experiments. Beginning in 1993, GRC developed NASA’s first GIPOC to provide ground support for experiments on-board Space Shuttle flights. In preparation for the launch and operations of the GRC Fluids and Combustion Facility on-board ISS, the GIPOC went through a major renovation and expansion during 2000-2001, more than doubling the capacity to 5000 sq. ft. Since 2001, the GIPOC has provided continuous support for diverse microgravity research experiments and other GRC technology experiments onboard the ISS, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while requiring relatively minor crew intervention.

The GIPOC is a secure, multipurpose facility designed to provide dedicated support for simultaneous training, simulations, and real-time operations of space experiments on-board the ISS, support Artemis operations to return astronauts to the Moon by 2024, and support Orion operations that will take astronauts to deep space. The facility consists of the GIPOC (Building 333, Room 150), the GIPOC Communication and Network Support Room (Building 333, Room 151), the GIPOC Operations and Support Rooms (Building 333, Room 153 and 155), and a visitors viewing area that provides access on a noninterference basis during critical operations.



Kevin McPherson, GIPOC Facility Program Manager: 216-433-6162 (office); 216-509-2155 (cell)

Amber Krauss, GIPOC Project and Integration Manager: 216.598.7816 (Cell)

James Dilport, IT Administrator: 216-433-6183 (office)

Jeremy Schillinger, IT Administrator: 216-433-3666 (office)

Donna Davis, Data Acquisition Engineer: 216-433-6185 (office)

Ken Hrovat, Microgravity Data Analyst: 216-433-5376 (office)

Beth Curtis, GIPOC Support Specialist: 440-223-5979 (cell)


Hal Greenlee / Marshall OPS 256-544-6145
HOSC Help Desk 256-544-5066