GRC ISS Payload Operations Center

Welcome to the Glenn ISS Payload Operations Center web portal. The GIPOC provides around-the-clock operations support for GRC experiments on-board the International Space Station. Enabling researchers, principle investigators and engineering teams to operate their experiments from the GRC facility reduces the long-term experiment project operational costs and enhances the quality of the scientific and engineering data by having the full experiment team available for consultation and adjustments.

Glenn plays a major role in conducting ISS space experiments. Beginning in 1993, GRC developed NASA’s first Telescience Support Center (TSC) to provide ground support for experiments on-board Space Shuttle flights. In preparation for the launch and operations of the GRC Fluids and Combustion Facility on-board ISS, the TSC went through a major renovation and expansion during 2000-2001, more than doubling the capacity to 5000 sq. ft.

The TSC has been renamed the GIPOC and is now a secure, multipurpose facility designed to provide dedicated support for simultaneous training, simulations, and real-time operations of space experiments on-board the ISS. The current configuration consists of the Payload Operations Center, the Communication and Network Support Room, the GIPOC Operations and Support Room, and a visitors viewing area that provides access on a noninterference basis.

Since 2001, the GIPOC has provided continuous support for diverse microgravity research experiments and other GRC technology experiments onboard the ISS, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while requiring relatively minor crew intervention.



Kevin McPherson, GRC ISS Facilities Program Manager: 216.433.6162 (Office), 216.509.2155 (Cell)

Andrea Marchica, GIPOC Project and Integration Manager: 216.433.5297 (Office), 216.212.3369 (Cell)

James Dilport, IT Administrator: 216.433.6183 (Office)

Ken Hrovat, Microgravity Data Analyst: 216.433.5376 (Office)

Donna Davis, Data Management: 216.433.6185 (Office)


Hal Greenlee / Marshall OPS 256-544-6145
HOSC Help Desk 256-544-5066