Current Real-Time

The plots here show the most recent 2 hours (or more) of acceleration measurements from the ISS.  These color spectrogram plots serve to qualify and crudely quantify a relatively long...

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Acceleration Archives

The acceleration archives housed at the NASA Glenn Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio provide a rich set of measurements collected from the International Space Station since its...

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A catalog of sorts, this series of pages makes available to the public a microgravity environment handbook

PIMS Microgravity Environment Handbook

PIMS Documents

PIMS documents are old increment reports and educational information.

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The information here is a tabular breakdown of SAMS on-orbit resources (sensor heads, electronics enclosures, seat track devices, cables) giving current configuration and other details pertinent to tracking these resources.

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Struc & Mech

This is the PIMS Vibratory Roadmap Browser which allows the user to choose archived vibratory plots from within a calendar.

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The Principal Investigator Microgravity Services project at the NASA Glenn Research Center supports NASA’s Microgravity Research Program Principal Investigators by providing acceleration data processing, analysis, archiving and interpretation for a variety of microgravity carriers including the International Space Station, the Space Shuttle, the Russian Mir Space Station, parabolic aircraft, sounding rockets, and drop towers. The PIMS project is funded by the JSC OB8 – Payload Facility & Commercial Element Office and is part of the NASA Glenn Research Center’s Microgravity Measurement and Analysis Project which integrates the analysis and interpretation component of PIMS with the various NASA sponsored acceleration measurement systems.